Crowd-Funded Feudal Life

The power of crowdfunding and transparent development can make gamers dreams come true. Forever Peasants is an open-source plan, detailing specifications for the ultimate medieval game. Using the power you bring to the project, we can create the ultimate experience that takes us into a past we’ll always be curious about.

Live Game Comparisons

Forever Peasants started as a community, building a plan for a new game, based on past experiences in other games. You will recognize artwork for many games as you browse our content – don’t worry we’re not stealing or even copying it, as such. We simply use live games, movies and other media in our research. We compare features, mechanics, technologies, designs and even historical accuracies. What I named “Live Game Comparisons” is my strategy to understanding exactly what the community wants, in every detail, every step of the way, and never ignoring it.

Medieval Survival

Experience the most realistic simulation of the life of a peasant. Set during a period of Kings, Queens, great castles, war, plague and famine. Your risk-filled journey will begin as a young worker in a trade you select when creating your first character. You will sweat and bleed just to put food on the table. Until you seize an opportunity to break the cycle and stop walking in the footprints of your forefathers. This will happen before adulthood, while you are naive but strong and healthy. There will be opportunities to change your destiny and bring an end to what might otherwise be a life of endless toiling.


Feudal Life

Keep your head down, work hard, ignore the pain of blisters and hunger. A miserable but pressed-upon way to survive in a world where life truly is feudal, but…

…don’t you want more than ripped clothes and one meal a day?

Venture from home, make your own adventures, run into deadly trouble and even deadlier opportunities. Everything gained, comes with risk in our sandbox MMO set in a period when old-age was rare. In this epic hybrid survival/role-play game for the PC. You can forge a unique path to a better life but will face hardship before success. The open-world of Forever Peasants is flexible enough for you to use your own play-style and strategies to rise and survive in a world design to keep you in the mud, begging for scraps.

Choose Your Pain

No one’s future is certain in the medieval world of Forever Peasants, we’re only human, even Kings and Queens. Hardship is the first price to pay during earlier paths in the game. You will get to choose your type of pain through a trade, side-jobs, and your actions with others. Later paths, if you live long enough, will include occasional danger. How you progress your character through choices, actions, and intentions. Will change your life, ultimately bringing pain or peace!

Raise a…

Feudal Family

Many games offer multiple character/avatar slots. Some go further and make those characters part of a family/clan, under a single name. Yet, I’ve never experienced a game that makes the establishment and growth of a family, truly rewarding.

Forever Peasants aims to change that while being an optional feature and only giving back in-perks, what players give in the effort. There isn’t any requirement, no need to create a detailed character biography or even care about the life of your other characters. You can focus on a single, main character and that will be your chosen path – like a lone-wolf.

If you do want many characters, with all its additional benefits. You can create a family home and enjoy a unique approach never seen before in any game. Make use of your additional characters by taking control of them and automating them to perform tasks.

Forever Peasants

Once a peasant, always a peasant!

Determination only gets a peasant so far. Education, skill, experience and the people you know are key to making progress on your chosen path. These are some of the elements that will open many doors, each with different levels of importance. Doors (of opportunity) may open for a short time, never to open again or not anytime soon. As a player you will decide which opportunities and tasks are suited to your character, for biting off more than you can chew can set you back, or even get you killed. Get this right, and just maybe, you will rise in self-status and improve the status of those around you i.e. family, acquaintances, and even property. The goal for all players, is not to be peasants forever.

Design and Construct a…

Feudal Castle

Forever Peasants offers it’s own unique approach to establishing new settlements, defences and the infrastructure required for villages to grow into towns, and into cities.

Players can be involved in designing, planning, building and maintaining castles. Don’t worry, it’s a game, it will all be like we do in other very popular games. Don’t get too excited though, you’re just a peasant! It will be a long time until you can do everything, and you must start with some basic tasks i.e. dig a moat or place arrow around the ramparts.

Designing structures is a separate process that basically involves the creation of templates, suddenly your an architect. Those templates are used to place wire/ghost objects in the game world and they instruct the builders.

Task Driven AI

None player characters won’t just stand around waiting for a chat!

Even the best games, keep an important character stationary. Your next contact on a quest, is standing in the same place, doing the same thing (often nothing at all) and wearing the same clothes every-day. None player characters (NPC) in Forever Peasants will have unique existences. Each will have a changeable personality, primary and secondary goals that drive their actions and behaviours. The games AI will use personality and character traits, much like those players are familiar with when creating a new character in any MMO. To decide how each AI would react to proposals, nearby events, larger changes in the world and direct actions made against/towards them. All of this will determine not only what jobs and tasks each NPC commit themselves to, but how they go about those occupations.

Experience skill demanding…

Feudal Warfare

Limb slicing technology is here and any medieval warfare game deserves to be treated to the very best methods of blood and gore.

Do I finally have your attention?!

Forever Peasants will offer various forms of battle, almost like multiple game genres in one big sandbox. Surgically removing limbs with precision is just one part of the fun. Players will also find themselves hunting specific targets in larger battles, as primary or secondary objectives. There will be quests that involve disabling a target by cutting off an arm or just wounding them with as a warning. Immersion comes from the fact that each players attack will be different, appear different on the target, but still pass the quest.

All that other good stuff will be included too like…sieges!

Other Features

Risk Leveled Zones

Build homes, trading posts, farms and mines, within the safety of a mighty castle and pay more taxes or choose to build further away. Maybe nearer the dense forest where bandits have been seen, where the tax collector never risks venturing.

Risk leveled zones include PvE, PvP and other factors within each zones configuration.

Scouting Castles

A military life, may have you paying an early visit to a castle, prior to besieging it. You may visit the castle in daylight, or/and sneak in at night.

Your performance in this task, will matter. Information you collect, will be used by the games AI to plan ahead.

Invisible Instances

Siege camps will exist in the real-time world, for everyone to see. Everything inside and outside of a castle happens in real-time, within the full-scale world. .

The latest PC gaming and server technology allows us to create instances that aren’t obvious and don’t break immersion.

Hired Help

Loyal followers, hired mercenaries, family members and skilled laborers. They will eventually do some grinding for you, maintain property, protect your land, and each other. They will even contribute to your resources, stocks, commodities.

Your hired-help will physically, visibly, move resources across the land. Risky!


What People Say

These ideas, massive ambitions by LOLinDark are one of the most exciting PC games I’ve ever read about and I’m going to support him all the way.

Zara Walsh

After speaking with Ryan in his Discord I’m super hyped even though I know this could take years to complete. He has a clear, transparent approach and I believe he offers a community-influenced approach to development from like …day one!


Forever Peasants News

Development Updates

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Official Discord

Many studios/developers have avoided an official Discord for acceptable reasons. Forever Peasants is supported by an official Discord because I believe that Discord provides more than enough to create and manage a safe community that compliments everything we’re doing.

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